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Loggie.io was designed to log errors/messages remotely and easily. It contained all the minimal features which makes it cheaper than other logging platforms and good enough to do the job.

Loggie Homepage

It consisted of 5 severiety levels:

  • Info (Low)
  • Debug
  • Warning
  • Error
  • Fatal (High)

You can send logs to the loggie server by using a library written for your choice langugae. For instance, if you are using javascript in your project, you can use javascript library to send the logs:

	message: "this is a log"

it is that simple 😁. Now all the logs sent to loggie server will be shown in the minimal dashboard just like shown below

loggie dashboard

You can search the logs by their severity level, text, and channels


After launching it on Producthunt, loggie got a good traction and various acquisiton offers. I decided to move onto another project and sold loggie.

After acquisition, loggie has been renamed to Crashdeck.io

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