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This was my first project where you can download Bootstrap4 themes and templates. Most of themes are for Hugo (Static site generator). I started working with Haman Mahal where I used to handle all the techincial and desiging part like desiging the themes and then devloping for Hugo and mainting the site. Where as Haman used to handle all the writing part like handling blog secion and writing description for for products.

It started off well but after some time, due to no marketing skills, we got exuasted becuase developing the themes was not an easy task. We got most of the traffic from google, the blog section.

Launching mistake

We launched on the Producthunt, thinking we would get a lot of traction but the launch went teribbly wrong. Here are the some key points I think are worth sharing.

  • We were new to Producthunt, without doing any research (like following the “Launch todo list”) we launched it randomly.
  • Thinking just launching will do it’s job, we didn’t add the first comment where we could have explained about the product, why our thems are better, any roadmap, etc
  • Didn’t send the email to all the UICardio users about the launch.

I think it is very important to follow the checklist before laucing on the ProductHunt


As I am working on other projects which are SAAS, it’s very hard to go back to UICardio and start building more things. Instead of building themes on the top of bootstrap, I decided to make boilerplates which has more features but you just have to work on 3-4 boilerplate (like for Next.js, and Nuxt.js) and maintain them.

For now I have kept the site as it is, not adding new templates any more. Maybe I will hire someone to design and develop templates for UICardio.

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